Training School for Biometrics in Forensic, Security and Mobile Applications

Organising of the fourth Training School: 12th Int. Summer School for Advanced Studies on Biometrics for Secure Authentication. This year’s school is entitled “Biometrics in Forensics, Security and Mobile Applications”. This school has a long successful history and over the years it gained a remarkable reputation in the scientific community. Capitalizing on this success story and continuing the joint organization of this training school will have a high impact also on the success of this action.

This training school will include 3 practical sessions “hands on”, with a set of MatLab tools, to experiment the development and application of biometric algorithms to real, multi-biometric data. Multidisciplinarity is a key element of the training school. The lecturers will provide an in-depth view from several disciplines, including: the state of the art in fundamental biometric technologies and their application to forensic cases; Machine learning techniques; Forensic examination methodologies and their links with biometrics; Neuroscience and human perception; ethical and societal issues related to biometrics and forensics; statistical analysis of biometric data in forensics; industrial deployment of biometric technologies in law enforcement.

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