IMF2015 Special sessions on digitized forensics

WG4 meeting during Special session in the context of the 9th International Conference onĀ IT Security Incident Management & IT Forensics addresses the traditional forensic disciplines (e.g. crime scene forensics, detection of counterfeits of physical objects and artwork) that utilize digital methods to acquire and analyze the physical traces digitally. This special session thematically complements the main conference towards novel digitized methods for the purpose of forensic challenges by bridging the gap between the emerging domains of IT and criminalistic forensics.

The scope of this special session ranges from digital processing of crime scene traces, such as fingerprints, palm prints, fibers, tool and ammunition marks or handwriting traces, to approaches for detecting and analyzing counterfeit physical objects and artworks, as well as the forensic analysis of media streams, e.g. for extracting and identifying characteristic origin patterns.

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